Car Park Fees


***The CHARGES and CHANGES are EFFECTIVE from 8 JULY 2017

At Hervey Bay Airport Fraser Coast, there are 198 public car parking spaces located within 100 metres of the terminal building and 29 long term car parking spaces located adjacent to the rental car area at the arrivals end of the terminal. Please note that parking is at your own risk and vehicles should be appropriately secured at all times.

Passengers and visitors have a choice of the following parking options depending on need:

  • Public car park (for long or short term parking)
  • Long term car park (for fenced and patrolled parking)

Users of either car park are issued with a ticket.

Public Car Park

You will require your ticket to exit the carpark - please retain it until exiting.

Hervey Bay airport is a security controlled airport and Traffic Management rules within the Front of House Zone for non-authorised vehicles apply immediately to the front of the terminal and the concourse.

However, located to the north of the Concourse, the public car park provides quick easy access to the terminal, with disabled car parking identified at the front of the car park. The public car park is by far the most convenient area to use for passenger drop off or pick up activities, as you can park and leave your vehicle to accompany your passengers within the terminal or take the opportunity to enjoy a coffee or browse the Visitor Information Centre.

Fees apply at all times for use of the public car park. Pricing details are as follows:

Pricing 2017/18

Public car parking


0 - 2 hours


2 - 3 hours


3 - 4 hours


4 - 5 hours


5 - 6 hours


6 - 24 hours


24 hour charge (Maximum)


Weekly (7/14/21 etc days)


  • * $14.00 for each intervening 24 hour period or part thereof

Spaces cannot be reserved within the public car park.

Long Term Gated Car Park

There are currently 28 long term car parks, including disabled spaces, adjacent to rental car area at the arrivals end of the terminal.

To access the long term car park, enter via the public car park and follow the signage. The long term car park is charged at a flat rate of $22.00 per day or part thereof and $132.00 Weekly (7/14/21 etc days)


The long term car park is access-controlled and surveillance monitored, with a lock-down operating outside of main terminal hours.

Spaces cannot be reserved within the long term car park.

Passenger Set Down and Pick Up

Hervey Bay Airport Fraser Coast has allocated set down and pick up areas which are accessed by taking the second exit at the roundabout and driving around the Concourse to the stopping bays which are clearly marked by large Blue and White signs. For security reasons, vehicles using these spaces may only remain for 2 minutes and must be attended AT ALL TIMES.

There are also three disability bays available within the concourse which should only be used for attended set down and pickup. The disability parking bays within the Public Car Park should be used if leaving the vehicle for any time.

Attended vehicles can only remain in the drop off area for a maximum of two (2) minutes. If you require longer than this, please park in the public car park. Any vehicle left unattended will be subject to an immediate fine and may be towed away.

Payment Options

Payment for car parking at Hervey Bay Airport may be made by CASH or Credit Card (Chip swipe or Paywave). MASTERCARD and VISA are accepted.

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