Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the street address of the Airport so I can find it by GPS?
A: Don Adams Drive. Urangan
Q: How far is the Airport from Hervey Bay?
A: The Airport is approximately 10 minutes by car from the Esplanade and within 15 minutes drive from major shopping /commercial areas.
Q: How do I get to the city from the airport?
Q: Does the Airport provide undercover parking?
A: Undercover parking is not available at Hervey Bay Airport.
Q: Does the Airport provide secure parking?
A: The long term car park is securely fenced and locked each night after the last scheduled arrival. Security patrols are active throughout the night.
Q: Can I access Free Wi-Fi at the Airport?
A: Internode Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the Airport.
Q: Why can't I drop off and pick up passengers in front of the terminal?
A: Pick up and Set Down is allowed (2 Minute Maximum) in the designated areas in the concourse. Private vehicles stopping in Bus or Taxi Zones is prohibited. Transport Security Regulations require a minimum 30 m buffer zone near areas of public congregation. See here for more detail.
Q: Do we need to book for the car park?
A: No booking is required for any of the car parks at the Airport.
Q: Are luggage lockers provided in the terminal?
A: No. For security reasons the Airport does not supply storage lockers.
Q: Can I leave my car keys for someone to come and collect my car from the car park?
A: No. For security reasons the Airport cannot be responsible for passenger belongings.
Q: Who do I contact for Lost Property?
A: For items left in the terminal:
Airport Management (07) 4194 8100

For items left in the terminal:
Airport Management (07) 4194 8100
For items left on the aircraft, lost or misplaced luggage, luggage left on the baggage carousel, or damaged luggage, please contact your airline directly:
Virgin Australia: +61 7 4125 5289
Qantas: +61 7 4125 3488
Q: How do I obtain the use of a wheel chair?
A: Please contact your airline directly.
Q: How do I arrange Aircraft parking?
A: Please submit an Aircraft Movement Request form for aircraft wishing to use airport facilities.  Fees and charges apply and are listed on the Aviation User Charges Fraser Coast Airports Aviation User Fees page.
Q: How do I get a job with the Airport?
A: Please visit our Employment page for details.
Q: How can I check if a flight is on time?
A: To view information on today's flights, click here.
Q: How long before my flight do I need to be at the Airport?
A: Please check with your airline as times vary per carrier.
Q: How do I advertise my business within the terminal?
A: Please visit our Advertising page for details.