Apron Parking - Hervey Bay

General Aviation users who intend to stay at the airport should use the GA parking areas as shown. Tie down points are available.


Hervey Bay Airport - GA Parking


Hervey Bay Aerodrome is a Security Controlled Airport and as such access is controlled.

Exit from the aerodrome at the GA parking area is via a Pedestrian gate which has a manual code controller. Exit Code is C1234Z and does not change. Access back into Aerodrome is controlled and persons requiring access need to contact Airport adminstration (tel: 0419 671 405) or the MOBIL refuellers (tel: 0412 253 267) who act on behalf of airport adminstration.

As physical sighting of a valid ASIC is required, time should be allowed for this process. Once the ASIC is sighted, the access code will be provided or access granted at the time.

The Airport administration office is located at the passenger Terminal and is open from 0600 (0930 on Sundays) until after the last RPT aircraft for the day, seven days a week.


A toilet is located behind the Aero Club outside the fence.

Local Transport Services information is available here