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Purpose of the Hervey Bay Airport, Fraser Coast website

The Hervey Bay Airport, Fraser Coast Internet site is intended to provide a cost effective means to communicate to customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

The Internet site is also consistent with the Federal Government's guidelines for website design, accessibility and metadata recording.

Reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that the information and advice provided on this website is in good faith on an 'as-is' basis derived from sources believed to be reliable and accurate.


This website generally complies with Priority Level 2 of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines from the World Wide Web Consoritum (W3C).

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Fraser Coast Regional Council will endeavour to have the general functions of this web site fully available to you at all times (ie: 24 hours per day, 7 days per week).

Specific applications operating within this website may have restrictions on availability due to operational or security constraints.

You should ensure that you have other means of undertaking urgent or time sensitive transactions and obtaining information, if for any reason this website is unavailable.

Fraser Coast Regional Council may need to temporarily suspend the service for operational reasons (eg for planned maintenance or upgrades), in which case we will give you as much advance notice as possible. Fraser Coast Regional Council will guarantee to restore the service as soon as possible after any suspension.

Fraser Coast Regional Council may need to alter code or access details or technical specifications associated with the service for operational reasons. Where we need to inform you about this, we will give you as much notice as is reasonably possible.


Certain functions on this website require your browser to be set to allow the creation of "cookies" on your computer. Cookies are required for security reasons and to allow our systems to uniquely identify you and your computer.

Fraser Coast Regional Council does not use cookies to collect personal information. Personal and statistical information is only collected from this website in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Statistical Information

Statistical information is collected by Fraser Coast Regional Council in relation to the use of this website. This allows us to improve the website by understanding how our customers use the website. The information collected is described in our Privacy Policy.

Classifying and Grouping the Information

Fraser Coast Regional Council has classified information on the website into categories that our research has shown makes sense. However, because people think about information in different ways, this means that some subjects will appear in multiple places. We call this providing "multiple pathways" to the information you are seeking.

How do we keep track of all this? Behind the scenes we classify important website pages using "metadata". Metadata describes information. It is a system of classifying information - whether it's on websites, or in a library.

There is an international standard for metadata called Dublin Core. Australia has adapted the Dublin Core standard to produce its own Australian Government Locator Service (AGLS).

This metadata helps to provide more precision in what you find, with fewer results to look through. This is a big step forward from typical portal and search engine behaviour, which can overwhelm users with a vast quantity of low-value results.

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