Maryborough Airport Facilities

NOTE: ***FUEL services are not available at Maryborough Airport Until Further Notice***

The Maryborough aerodrome, located approximately 2km from the centre of Maryborough City, on Saltwater Creek Rd, originally opened in 1930 and was owned by the City of Maryborough. In 1941 it was taken over by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), transferring to the Department of Civil Aviation in 1946 following the end of World War II. In 1982 ownership again reverted to the now Fraser Coast Regional Council under the terms of the Commonwealth's Local Ownership Plan.

Some facilities such as the Aero Club building date from the early part of the airport's history and are subject to heritage considerations.

Maryborough Airport's primary uses are Recreational Aviation, Aviation Maintenance and Aviation Training. Scheduled passenger services ceased in early 2007 and Organisations such as the Royal Flying Doctor Service and Charter operators use the airport on a non-scheduled basis.

The Aerodrome is Registered and it is not an Aviation Security Airport.

Maryborough Airport is equipped with two runways:

  • a 1,587m long x 30m wide sealed runway aligned in the 17/35 direction. The runway is contained within a 1,707m x 90m wide graded runway strip; and
  • an 885m long x 30m wide grassed runway aligned in the 12/30 direction. The runway is contained within a 1,005m x 90m wide graded runway strip.

Aircraft parking is available with Tie Downs spots on the sealed Apron and also on the Grass Apron in front of the Aero Club.

Maryborough ERSA may be accessed from the Airservices Australia website here:


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