Using the Public Car Park

Step 1



To enter the public car park, follow the signs to the entry boom gate. Please press the button on the ticket dispenser to be issued with a parking ticket. Take the ticket to activate the boom gate for entry. Proceed into the car park and select a vacant space. Do not attempt to enter with a trailer attached - it will be damaged by the boom gate closing behind you.


Step 2



When you are ready to leave, you can pay, by cash or credit card (MasterCard or Visa), for your parking at either of the two pay stations located conveniently outside the terminal. Once you have paid, you may proceed directly to your vehicle and exit the car park. if you are paying by credit card - you may do so at the exit gate - Paywave is available at paystations and Exit gates.

Follow the simple prompts on the pay machines. Payment can be made by cash or credit card. Change will be issued automatically for cash payments.

If paying with a credit card you will be issued with a receipt automatically. If paying with cash, you need to select the “Receipt" button before finalising your payment.
Your ticket will be processed and returned to you. This is required to exit the car park.

Step 3



To exit the car park, insert your "paid" parking ticket into the machine at the exit boom gate.

Your ticket will be retained and the boom gate will be activated, allowing you to leave the car park.